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Frequently Asked Questions

My Insurer has appointed DNH - what happens now?

Once we have an instruction from your insurer we will normally contact you on the same day to discuss your claim. How we proceed will depend on the specific instructions we have been given and your own needs, but it will normally involve us coming out to your property to assess or inspect the damage first. Some insurers will allow us to undertake some work for you immediately whilst others will want to consider costs before we commence any work.

Our claims team will discuss everything with you and can be contacted on 01752 669300 to assist you.

What can I do if I don't agree with the works you've been instructed to undertake?

We are always mindful that we are working in your home and your needs must be considered. Sometimes works are necessary for technical reasons and/or to ensure works can be guaranteed successfully. The handler appointed to your claim can discuss any of these details with you, at any stage, to ensure you are confident we are doing the work you want.

Please raise any questions with your appointed handler who is always here to help – 01752 669300.

Can I get home improvements done at the same time?

We are often working in your home and we understand that sometimes it might appear convenient to undertake home improvements alongside or even instead of insured works. Our surveyor will be able to discuss your particular needs with you. We always suggest keeping insured works and ‘un-insured’ improvement works clearly separate to prevent any issues with insurers who may deem work as ‘betterment’ and then be unwilling to contribute to some costs. DNH is geared to work directly for insurers and adjusters under contract costs and conditions, keeping everything fair for everybody.

We can assist with suggestions or recommendations to help you achieve what you want whilst the insurance work is being undertaken, so please raise these matters with your claims handler at the earliest opportunity – 01752 669300.

How much is my policy excess, and when do I pay it?

Policy excess is set by your Insurer.

Excess will differ from one persons policy to another, although most home buildings insurance policies have an excess between £100 and £500, except subsidence claims which generally have a £1000 policy excess. We will always confirm with your insurer how much your policy excess is and whether they require us to collect it on their behalf. The excess is always set by the insurer and will have been advised to you when you took out your policy, or renewed existing cover.

We will always require a policy excess to be paid prior to any works being undertaken, in accordance with the terms of your insurance policy. Our accounts team can advise and arrange with you to collect your policy excess, please call them on 01752 669300.

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